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What is Hatena Message?

What is Hatena Message?Hatena Message is a notification service that sends you a message every time your Username is mentioned within Hatena, or when you receive a comment.

When you access Hatena Message while you are logged in, you will see a list of messages sent to you. Just click on the title of any message, and you can read the body of the message.

Types of notifications you receive

You will receive notification for the following categories:

Hatena Daily Star Report

The Star Report compiles the number of Stars you received on each entry on that day, and lets you know the number of Stars that were added by each User. If there is a quote attached to any Star, the phrase will also be included in the report.

Star Comments

You will receive a notification each time you receive a new comment for any one of your entries, or if someone adds a comment to an entry for which you previously commented. You will receive a message for every new comment, but multiple comments made for one entry will be listed together in one field.

ID Call in Star Comments

If your Username is mentioned in the format of "id:Username" within a Star comment, you will receive a message with the URL of the page it appeared in.

Select whether or not to receive e-mail notifications according to categories

Select whether or not to receive e-mail notifications according to categoriesIf you have not changed the default setting for e-mail notification of your messages, a notification is sent to you as soon as an activity is recorded. You can also select the frequency by which you receive your messages according to categories.

From the list of messages, select the category that you wish to change the setting for. At the bottom of the message there is a checked box for receiving messages in that category. Remove the check mark from the box. You will no longer receive e-mail notifications for that category.

Messages in the categories that you have selected to receive will be sent to you according to the frequency you have chosen. If you have chosen "Do not deliver/Read from the website" you will not receive any e-mail notifications, even for the categories that you have selected to receive messages.

Choose not to receive messages that you have already read

既に読んだメッセージをメールで受け取らないIf you read a new notification before it is e-mailed to you, that notification will not be sent to you even if you have selected to receive e-mail notifications.

The subject line of messages that have yet to be e-mailed to you will be displayed in bold. By clicking on the subject line, you can open and read the body of the message. When you have opened a message, the subject line will no longer appear in bold, and will be displayed in the same way as the messages that have already been e-mailed to you. The icon on the left side of the subject line will show "ReadRead", and that message will not be e-mailed to you.

Messages in the categories that you have selected not to be e-mailed will be displayed in normal font to begin with as if they had already been read.


If you have any questions or require further information please contact Hatena Customer Support.